About Us

The Van Tilburg Farm Bed and Breakfast was established in 2016, bringing a 20 year dream to fruition.  Our family of four has grown over the past 4 years, adding 24 chickens, 2 alpacas, 2 pygmy goats, 3 cats, rabbits and our beloved dog Louie.


Bernie and Lanaya


Bernie and Lanaya have been married since 1998.  Bernie is a high school and adult education teacher.  Apart of Bernie's childhood was spent on a 100 acre hobby farm.  Bernie has worked in radio and television but realized his passion along the way for teaching.  Lanaya worked for a local newspaper for 11 years before deciding to be a stay at home mom to their 2 children Jacob and Riley.  In addition to being the owner of her beloved Bed and Breakfast, she is also a full time student working towards a degree in Interior Design.   Lanaya was raised in the suburbs of Brunswick, Ohio and was hesitant to move to a rural area.  She soon discovered she loved the peaceful country setting along side her beloved farm animals.  The first Bed and Breakfast Lanaya and Bernie visited was 20 years ago at a place called Blueberry Hill.  Since then they've visited over 70 B&Bs and small Inns, taking the best ideas from each one to create their own.  They moved from the suburb of Medina to Wellington in 2013 for the sole purpose of opening a Bed and Breakfast. Twenty years later, they are thrilled to begin this adventure together.


Jacob and Riley


Jacob, age 16, and Riley, age 13, are just as excited about opening a B&B as we are.  You will see us outside often working and playing together.

Farm Pets

We've grown to love all 31 of our farm pets.  


Although reserved, our male alpacas Cocoa and Prince are very curious. We love sitting in the pasture waching them graze; they came to live with us in 2014 after an elderly couple could no longer take care of them.


Our flock of 24 chickens with 6 mixed breeds are our pride and joy; all lay brown eggs. Majesty is a favorite. She will sit in Riley's lap and fall asleep. Our friends will find us sitting by the coop relaxing while watching them free range.  They are given only organic feed, fruits and vegetables.  Riley will also pick dandelion leaves out of the yard for them to snack on.  Our eggs are simply the best you can possibly eat!


Casper and Daisy are black and white house cats.  Casper is usually grumpy and doesn't like to be petted much, while Daisy is extremely laid back and loves to be rubbed on her belly.  Mini is our Barn cat and was given the nickname Tractor Cat by one of our guests because most days you'll find her lounging on the tractor seat in our barn.


Louie is our loyal rescue dog who's part italian greyhound, miniature pincher, toy fox terrier and chihuaha.  He can be found almost always in Lanaya's shadow.

Our rabbits Max and Bun Bun were born on Valentines Day 2018. Both are very friendly and like to be hand fed.  They're currently in a hutch within our barn and guests are welcome to hold and play with these adorable bunnies!

Our Pygmy Goats Bo and Luke love to play on the teeter totter with our guests inside their play yard!  Both like to be pet and love to free range on our property.  They especially like to forage for dried leaves and bark off trees.

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